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How Ordinary Is The Corona Virus Actually?

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We get used to the economic crisis. We get used to the wars. We get used to it. We get used to it. Finally, a virus weighs less than a gram that subjugates the education system, economy, tourism, travel, and most importantly, the health sector. Mankind has been given a great blessing, such as getting used to. In every bad thing that happens to him, he first prays, questions, and finally sleeps with him and becomes friends with this living race.
When I look at when this virus first appeared, I see how many precautions were taken. Countries closed their borders and schools, made it mandatory to wear masks, and even children, whose favorite activities in life were to play in the sand in the park, were closed to their homes. So, where are those bans now? Has the vaccine reduced all cases to zero? No, the number of cases is still high, and it is shared on television every day. Hmm, so the case numbers have changed? No to that either. I am more or less good with numbers. I see the numbers from last year this year as well. People may not be walking arm in arm with their loved ones on the roads anymore, but they are walking side-by-side with the virus. Well, brother, what is it that makes us so blind?

Adapting by Changing Your Perspective

For hundreds of thousands of years, the entity that has lived in this nature, which we call humans, has been afraid of what it has not seen, known, or encountered before, from the first day until today. If his attitude towards what he did not know had always been like this, do you think he would have survived? Could he have evolved and survived on earth to this day? We all know the answer to this question: No. So God gave these helpless servants a grace to get used to and made him one of the beauties that still allowed him to breathe.
We got used to Corona.
This one word explains the questions we ask about Corona: because we are used to it. Nothing blinded us. This is how “get used to” taught us so that we can stay sane and hold on to life. We can see the benefit of this attitude change in every problem we experience, not just by looking at the virus phenomenon. In conclusion, don’t complain about your ordinary life. Once it doesn’t appear to you, your world turns upside down. “Look, instead of being sad because a rose has thorns, be happy because a thorn has a rose!”

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