How Should Nose Aesthetic Surgery Be Done?

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Nose Aesthetic Surgery

Rhinoplasty in medicine, called rhinoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery in which patients are satisfied with the results, when the developing technology is combined with the experience of aesthetic physicians, results that leave mutual satisfaction to emerge.
Those who want to have a better appearance than the current situation apply to this surgery, which is frequently used. Rhinoplasty, which experts in the field of rhinoplasty perform, is the focus of those who are interested.
To Whom Is Nose Aesthetics Applied?
Those who want to add a plus to their appearance can also apply nose aesthetics, which can be done to eliminate any health problems in the nose. Patients with both shape and function loss can get rid of this problem with the same surgery.

What Should Be Considered After Nose Aesthetics?

The majority of people knocking on the door of aesthetic centers are those who want to have a rhinoplasty. It is also necessary to know the points to be considered after these surgeries, which are usually completed without any problems. Nutrition style is very important on the first day; Liquid consumption can be done approximately 3 hours after the surgery.
Intra-nasal cleaning and care should also be taken care of. This care should not be neglected with the sprays recommended by the doctor. Again, mimicking movements that will tire the muscles should be avoided for a short time.

What are the Types of Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

Considering the methods brought by the developing medicine and aesthetic world, it is possible to perform six types of rhinoplasty. PrimerRinoplasty, where only beauty is brought to the fore and problems are physically eliminated, and Complicated Rhinoplasty, which is a nose surgery performed over and over again, is performed only on the tip of the nose and cartilage.
It is possible to talk about six types of surgery, such as Tipplasty, which is completed with a touch. Septorhinoplasty is applied for both aesthetic and breathing problems, and Konka Surgery, which targets the nasal concha. And Septoplasty, which relieves intranasal disorders.
Is Intranasal Tampon Applied in Nose Aesthetics?
Although in the past, a solution was found for blood clots with a tampon in the aesthetic surgeries performed, now, with the developing system, the procedures can be completed without putting a tampon. The stapling technique that will create this effect is applied to where the tampon will be placed, and the possibility of clots is eliminated.

When will the patient be discharged?

Nasal aesthetic surgeries, which are not as painful as the old systems, can be discharged in 1-2 days by observing the patient’s condition; however, it is necessary to pay attention to the first seven days in the lying position to be made at home. Sleeping on a high pillow is extremely important for the health of the newly operated nose.
Does the Patient Have Much Pain After Aesthetics? Will There Be Bruising or Swelling?
During the operation, the patient with narcosis does not feel any pain. This complaint can be avoided with painkillers given by the doctor, depending on the pain threshold. Some patients may not need to use a medication. In this process, bruises may occur around the nose and the areas corresponding to the eyes, called side tissues; but this is a temporary situation.

Is There an Age Limit for Nose Aesthetics?

As a result of the evaluations made by considering the developmental factors, it is possible to have plastic surgery from 16-17 for women. It is found suitable for men at the age of 17-18. It is useful to pay attention to the age of onset due to the evaluation of my physician.

Rhinoplasty Prices 2022

In aesthetic surgeries, which are frequently applied, people are first examined. As a result of the examinations, what kind of application will be made between the doctor and the patient is decided. Considering that each application is specific to each patient, the aesthetic price to be made will change at this rate. It is extremely important to be together with physicians who are experts in their field for rhinoplasty operations, where both the health problem disappears, and it has a beautiful appearance.

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