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How to Use Eye Contour Cream?

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Eye contour creams are gel or cream products used in the under-eye and eyelid area. With the increase in care products recently, one of the most curious issues about eye creams that have entered our lives is how to use eye cream.

Eye contour creams have different content than everyday moisturizing products. Because the eye area is one of the most sensitive areas of our body, standard moisturizers should not be applied to the eye area. For this reason, the answer to the frequently asked question, “Can face cream be applied under the eyes?” can also be explained. Since the facial and eye structures are different, applying face and body creams around the eyes is very inconvenient and may result in irritation.

How to Apply Eye Contour Cream?

People who care about eye area care experience fewer wrinkles and eye fatigue problems. This area needs more special care because the skin around the eyes is much thinner than the face in general. Individuals who want to take care of the eyes and eye area in the best way and delay factors such as fatigue, and old age, are looking for an answer to the question of how to care for the eye area. You can browse the list below to learn step-by-step eye care.

Before starting eye care, the entire face should be cleaned with a cleansing product suitable for the skin type and rinsed thoroughly.

When using facial cleansing products, avoiding contact with the products in the eye area will help prevent unwanted situations such as irritation and allergies.

After cleaning and drying your face, you should apply an eye cream suitable for the needs of your eye area with tampon movements just under the eyebrow and one finger under the eye. While eye cream is ideal for applying around the eyes, it should not be applied in or very close to the eye.

You do not need to apply heavy eye cream. You can use tampons and circular massage movements while applying the cream.

Thanks to the steps mentioned above, you can apply your eye cream effectively and nourish the thin skin around your eye area. Before applying the under-eye cream, you should choose a product that is suitable for you. The most suitable products for the under-eye and eye area are products that provide moisture and have an anti-aging effect. However, individuals with very oily eye areas can benefit from gel-based products with less oil content.

How Often Should Eye Contour Cream Be Used?

It is very important to use the eye cream correctly, as well as to use it at the right frequency. If you do not regularly use the care product for the eye area, it is not possible to see an improvement in your eye area. In the same way, using eye cream too often can lead to undesirable complications such as redness, irritation, and itching in your eyes after a while.

Eye creams should be applied to clean skin twice daily, morning and evening. It should be applied in the morning after facial care and the evening after removing make-up and cleansing the face. It can be used up to 3 times daily, depending on the need.

Those Who Use Eye Contour Cream

Individuals who want to start using eye cream for skin care first research the subject of eye cream users and want to learn about their user experiences. Eye cream users are mostly satisfied with the creams they use in this area with a sensitive skin texture. Individuals who choose the eye cream following their skin type and eye area need to enjoy the eye area applications and realize the positive effects of this application in regular use.

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