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How to Use Technology for a Healthy Life?

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Let’s make a classic introduction with the thoughts of our old people. At least one of us rolled our eyes at these conversations for a while. People in the past, I’m not talking about a very distant past, how connected, extroverted, friendly, talkative. With the development of technology, social media, and the internet, which are now indispensable in our lives, have taken over everyone. Especially the young ones. But it should be fair to say that most older people are included in this addiction.

Getting Noticed on Social Media

The effort to exist, stand out, and attract attention is to make a difference in social media. Talkative people are now chatting with their followers in front of the camera, not face to face. Those who love music and dance show their skills in live broadcasts. Those who love art draw their pictures together with those who watch them. Those who love poetry find themselves in a dark environment by candlelight and sit and read their poems in front of the camera. This must be what they call keeping up with the times. Rather than the rush of eight o’clock in the morning, the rain of gifts and advertising earnings fills their pockets.
Many people are still not used to it. He started to look at those who blog with his camera, whether they were crazy or not. The days pass by being annoyed by those constantly on the go with their phones in their hands. But in many quarters, he is both in the subject and a great supporter. Although there is no longer a cut, that phone is in the hands of every person in every house. The man somehow finds a way to win. As he finds it, he sets an example and leads.

Technology In Our Lives

There is no room for sentimentality. This is our age, and we will look to exist in this environment. It will develop further, maybe degenerate, but we will exist here. One of the social media applications will go, and someone will come. In all of them, we will have new phenomena and chaos. We will have supporters in the background. Everyone will have it in some way. We will try to establish ourselves in this medium. We have started to experience periods that we did not even think of before, and now we and those who come after us will experience periods that we did not even think of. The important thing is to keep up with the development, as in an adventure movie, to struggle to survive. This development will not go away from us even if you don’t go.

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