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Is Internet Use Harmful?

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Can we say that the Internet is beneficial or harmful depending on the way a person uses it? The Internet is one of the most developing and changing things of our age. Today, there is Internet in almost every pocket, everywhere. Especially the Internet in our pockets is worth a world that has shrunk and entered the back pocket of our trousers.

It has become a world of information that is very easy to reach. The age of access to the Internet is getting lower with each generation. The Internet has both advantages and disadvantages. With a single click, useful information can be found from the other side of the world, useful information can be accessed, and harmful information can be accessed with the same click.

Is The Internet Harmful Due To The Way Of Use Of The Person?

The Internet can be beneficial or harmful depending on the person’s use. If a person uses the Internet to add information to his knowledge, he will also contribute to his own development and benefit from the benefits of the Internet.
A person can also use the Internet in a way that is harmful to himself. This shows the other side of the Internet. It brings a level that will harm a person both physically and mentally.
The Internet is like an endless ocean. There is also all kinds of useful and harmful information, such as a sea with all kinds of different fish in it. That is why the initiative to use this system rests with the person who is at the helm.
For example, A student can reinforce the course topics by listening to an online Internet course. At the same time, a university student can spend all his time playing games on websites instead of making use of the Internet, especially in this period when time is very precious.

Is It Possible to Prevent Abuse of the Internet?

This is possible with education, although not to very high degrees. Lessons can be given on the use of the Internet. Families can raise awareness of their children; thus, the new generation will be conscious of the use of the Internet. Like everything else, conscious use of the Internet can be passed on from generation to generation.
Raising a more conscious generation in the future aims to minimize the harm caused by the Internet to children. By reducing the loss rate, the profit rate can be changed. In order not to get lost in this ocean of information and not to get lost, it is under everyone’s own control to use the Internet most consciously and as much as we need.

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