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It Is Possible To Achieve The Desired Appearance With Prominent Ear Surgery

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As it is known, our sense organs have an important place in our body, which is the most important for us to live healthily. Of course, hearing is crucial among these sense organs. The duties of our ears, which are our hearing organs, to live our lives more easily cannot be ignored. The ear has many vital functions in our body, not only for the operation of hearing, but as an organ of balance, as you know, and it should be noted that it is crucial for us to live without encountering problems in our daily life. Prominent ear surgeries, as it is known, are a form of treatment generally applied because of the ear’s deformity or very large ears. For this reason, its application in some cases is preferred in terms of health and aesthetics. Although all these seem small, prominent ear surgeries, which are very easy to get rid of today, have started to be preferred because they are comfortable to get the desired results and provide the opportunity to return to your daily life early.

Is The Prominent Ear A Kind Of Bodily Perception Disorder?

We want to state that the doctors will decide whether or not major ear surgeries will be performed or not, as a result of the examinations to be completed by the doctors. Although we try to share with you how and in what way these permanent surgical procedures should be, the best decision of the prominent ear surgery to be applied is made under the supervision of examinations and doctors.

Before deciding on major ear surgery, the critical point is that you should know that this surgery is suitable for you. After the information that your doctors will give you, it should be considered that it should be ideal for the surgery. We want you to know that it will not be suitable to decide only visually. If we always consider the possibility of experiencing minor problems in surgeries, we recommend that you choose the surgery in line with the most appropriate decisions.

Postoperative Process

Prominent ear surgery, as the name suggests, is the application of deformities and large ears. Sometimes, it is applied to eliminate the deformity of the genetically formed ear structure. We want to point out that this treatment method for eliminating the defect of aesthetic vision is not as difficult as feared.

Let’s look at why prominent ear surgery is considered necessary. People sometimes have genetic defects in the ear structure and appearance disorders such as having a rather large auricle. We want to point out that it is a form of treatment that people resort to to eliminate these conditions that cause them to feel psychologically unwell due to these disorders.



Can The Prominent Ear Be Corrected Without Surgery When It Is Noticed Postnatally?

Let’s try to tell you how prominent ear surgeries are. Let us remind you that this surgery, called otoplasty, is an age limit for this surgery, which can be performed after the age of 5. Although it is a well-known type of surgery, it is sometimes served with local and sometimes general anesthesia.

We want to state that major ear surgery is a reshaping process of the auricle, as it is known, as it is a simple operation that takes 45 minutes or 1.5 hours. The important thing is to pay attention to the dressings to be applied after the surgery. We want to point out that it is an operation performed by plastic surgery, sometimes on both ears and sometimes unilaterally.

It should be noted that it is a surgical procedure performed by opening behind the ear and removing the excess. Since it is performed behind the ear, the stitches are not visible. We do not want to go without saying that it is a type of surgery performed by opening the back of the ear and thinning and shaping the cartilages.

Of course, it should be noted that the age, weight of the patient, and the procedures to be applied in the ear are important in surgeries. It should be noted that the procedure to be performed only prolongs the time when it comes to the remodeling of the cartilage tissue in the surgeries, not to mention that the local or general anesthesia type of the surgery to be performed according to the age is decided, but general anesthesia is generally preferred for the younger ones.

Of course, we want you to know that these decisions are typically taken before the surgery and shared with the patient. Let us state that the possibility of using the suspending technique with a rope in prominent ear surgeries is made if it is deemed appropriate according to the cartilage structure, but it can also be applied to people who are very afraid of local or general anesthesia surgeries.

We can say that people who have undergone this type of surgery have a shorter time to return to their normal lives. It should be said that self-dissolving stitches are preferred. If different processes are applied, let’s say that your stitches will be removed in a time-varying between 2-5. Making a decision without ignoring the advice and recommendations of the doctors, who will make the best decision according to the examination findings of all the surgeries and procedures to be performed, will lead to healthier results.

What Is Bucket Ear Aesthetics?

If anyone thinks that there will be a problem after prominent ear surgeries, we would like to remind you that there is no problem in general. It is essential to pay attention to the necessary treatments after the surgery.

Of course, we would like to point out that the surgery is different according to the people and the ear structure. Sometimes it is possible to stay in the hospital for one day. Usually, patients who are sent home on the same day have a bandage on their ears for at least three days.

As the swelling in the ear goes away in 3 or 4 weeks, we would like to make you crazy that your ears will become routine in 2-3 months. Of course, all this can sometimes be reflected in different times. In such cases, it is necessary to consider the healing process of the patient’s body structure and the healing process of the wounds differently from the people.

As we mentioned before, due to the application behind the ear, the remaining traces are not visible, so we would like to answer your question, will there be any traces? As it is known, using a bandage is among the doctors’ recommendations, and it should be used during sleep, especially at night.

You mustn’t experience any problems in line with the decisions made by your doctors for how long it will be used.


Very Advantageous for Young People

It causes people to feel better after prominent ear surgeries. Of course, the fact that they feel better psychologically is also a valid reason for faster recovery. Let’s consider the positive effect of the treatment, which will be completed with a quicker and more comfortable process after the necessary dressings. We can observe that there is a situation that complements each other. We want you to know that these prominent ear surgery procedures will not have any problems with your hearing, and it is a medium-risk type of surgery.

If we look at the treatment costs in prominent ear surgeries, it is among the surgeries that can be performed in state hospitals. Let us state that the hospital receives a varying amount for these surgeries. The prices applied by the hospitals vary according to the surgery to be performed. In private hospitals, the price is determined by the application of the hospital. Although the price list of the procedures and analyzes to be made varies according to the hospitals, it may cost as much as 10,000.

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