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Positive and Negative Aspects of Technology in Family Connections

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Technology is such a powerful force that it concerns mothers the most. It delights and frightens on the one hand. It’s like a double-edged sword. Today, unfortunately, there is a technological addiction that goes down to 1 year old. Phones and tablets, held in your hands with a silencing intent so that children do not cry, are unfortunately slapped in the face as a lack of attention when the school years begin and as aggression in adolescence.

That’s when the mothers’ fears begin, and the mother has to meet with technology. What is the game? What is my child doing? Technology swallows the whole family when I say whatever I will benefit my child. When the father comes from work, when the mother gets up in the morning, and when the child comes from school, they say hello to technology at first.

Is Technology Abolishing the Concept of Family?

Unfortunately, the collapse of the family begins here. Is technology bad? Of course not, but addiction is bad. If we could put our lives in order, instead of raising our children like princes and princesses and saying, “Don’t get tired, take a look at the phone, son or daughter, you wash the dishes, or you take out the garbage, or stop by the market or the market on your way from school, how wonderful it would be if we adapt them to life.” It would be more beneficial if we direct him to be social or social responsibility activities after school, where he can take responsibility. Parents, let’s sit with the children in the evening and read for an hour. Then, let him play the game from technological devices if he wants. Playing games will not harm a child who already spends the day to the fullest. Until children learn to protect themselves, mothers need to protect their children like a protective shield, like a secret hand.

Parental Control over Children

Of course, there is no problem that a mother’s supervision, compassion, or compassion cannot solve. We can raise a conscious generation by eliminating the bad sides of technology by showing our children their good, informative and educational sides. There is no saying I don’t want technology, which is an immense source of information, in my life. As soon as you start school, you start using it compulsorily. You have to abide by this order until you die, then what do we do? We immediately take the ropes and give way to the event before technology sacrifices our children and us. If we take the movie that our child will watch the game to play under our supervision, he will not watch it only because he knows that it is wrong. We can protect our children by using technology, not against us.

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