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Recommendations for Corona and Home Activities

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Corona has become a nightmare for many. But it is necessary to try to see that there are benefits along with the harm. Because if it weren’t for Corona, we wouldn’t be able to spend so much time with our family today.
Experts Covit19 with many psychological disorders; Anxiety, panic attacks, etc., it says it’s out. However, we should not abandon ourselves to the depression caused by this illness. In this sense, they state that we need to do some activities:

  • To do sport; do breathing exercises, and not have difficulty in breathing when there is a negative increase in the course of the disease
  • Eating healthy
  • Not watching too much news that raises anxiety
  • Having an occupation at home

Ways to Relieve Anxiety

Of course, everyone is extremely worried about their family members. We should try to change our perspective on this process. We should see the positive aspects of the process. We should not give up on the precaution, but we should not isolate ourselves so much that we get depressed.

  • We can discover new books.
  • We can study Open Education.
  • It will be motivating for women to do activities such as handicrafts.
  • Men can learn hairdressing enough to do their shaving and occupy themselves and their minds.

These examples can be applied for relaxation.

What Should We Tell Our Children About This Period?

Our children are the apple of our eyes. We should not show our concerns to them. It should be explained in an appropriate language that they need to take some precautions in the places they are taken, and they should not talk about the victims of the disease all the time. Even if they don’t understand, they can sense it. Their intuition is strong. The disease has had similar ones throughout history; If we are cautious, we can explain that there will be no problems if they ask. However, dwelling too much on this issue and being nervous all the time will affect them negatively. For this reason, parents should first find inner peace.

A Look At Home Trapped Times And Financial Anxiety

We live in a traditional Muslim Turkish society. As per our religious beliefs, there is one thing we know: The servant does his best and earns money and tries to earn it. We should think that Allah is the guarantor of sustenance and should not be devastated after we have done our best. It is possible to go ways to be more frugal in this process. In addition, if it has been done in the past, excess shopping should be cut down or even finished. It is normal to experience problems such as unemployment, and dollar increases after the illness should be considered. Everything has been negatively affected. We should act accordingly. We should stretch our feet according to the quilt.

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