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Due to uncontrollable hair loss, it is very important to apply hair mesotherapy, which is suitable for hair loss in many people. For this reason, it starts to grow in a renewed way with renewed hair and a lush appearance in the desired process. It is also very easy to achieve the desired appearance with growing hair and strengthening hair follicles. For this reason, it offers a treatment that meets the expectations in the best way.

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

The mesotherapy method, which many people always prefer, is preferred by many people. Some details need attention during each session and treatment process. It meets the expectation with its hair mesotherapy application method, which provides convenience in many respects.

How is Hair Mesotherapy Applied?

Hair mesotherapy, an easy-to-apply treatment option, is different from other forms of therapy in terms of its application. For example, The application is also very important as it includes hair care. Providing a distinctive appearance also creates a lush and voluminous appearance while reducing hair loss.
For this reason, it is painless and meets expectations in terms of treatment. It is a treatment option that everyone can comfortably approve of. Hair mesotherapy is a form of treatment that allows hair to grow comfortably. The application method creates a nourishing effect by preparing a hair cocktail after the needs of the hair follicles are determined. The prepared cocktail is injected into the scalp. In this way, the process is completed at the end of 4-6 sessions.

Who Is Hair Mesotherapy Suitable For?

To perform hair mesotherapy, it is necessary to have certain features first. If these features are;

  • In male pattern, hair loss
  • When hair loss occurs on the forehead
  • In the formation of ringworm disease
  • For postpartum hair loss
  • For female pattern hair loss
  • For hair loss due to psoriasis

It is very important to consult a specialist when the hair loss mentioned above is experienced. For this reason, care should be taken to make it in a sterile environment with the help of the best experts in the field.

How is Hair Mesotherapy Done?

It is one of the most preferred treatment options against hair loss by every person experiencing hair loss. It is also seen as the most effective. For this reason, the preferred mesotherapy is so easy to apply. For hair mesotherapy, a solution containing certain vitamins is prepared first. At the same time, due to its direct effect on the hair follicles, it awakens the hair follicles and provides absorption. On the other hand, it makes the hair grow thicker.
In practice, a mixture of multivitamins, amino acids, and minerals is injected into the scalp. Thus, the process is completed. However, to complete the process, 4-6 sessions are applied at 10 to 22 days intervals.

How Many Sessions of Hair Mesotherapy are Applied?

In order to apply hair mesotherapy, it is necessary to experience hair loss first. The mixture, which is not applied to healthy hair follicles, is a one-to-one solution to many hair loss problems. For this reason, it should be treated by providing an application. Hair loss is a method that brings with it serious health problems and also provides you with healthy hair by meeting the expectations in the best way with mesotherapy. Mesotherapy, which should be applied in 4-6 sessions, should be done at an interval of 10 to 22 days.

How Does Hair Mesotherapy Interact?

The effect of hair mesotherapy is quite high. One of the most important issues during the application is the importance of applying it against unhealthy and shed hair. For this reason, the interaction time is among the other important distinctions taken into account. In hair mesotherapy applications, interaction is provided in 4-6 sessions. For this reason, it takes its place among the most important issues.
Preparations Before Hair Mesotherapy
People suitable for hair mesotherapy must first undergo a preparation phase. In this preparation phase, many details need to be done. The determined details are given below:

  • Smoking should be stopped before treatment
  • Caffeine-derived beverages should not be drunk before the operation takes place.
  • Alcohol should be discontinued before treatment.
  • Green tea should be left one week before hair transplantation takes place.
  • People using drugs should inform the physician before the operation.
  • Lotion or derivative creams should not be applied to the hair before the operation.
  • Have breakfast before hair transplantation.
  • No jelly or spray derivative should be used.

What Not to Do After Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a form of treatment that is very beneficial and beneficial to health. For this reason, as there are many details to be considered before the application, there are also things to be done. For this reason, what should be done after hair mesotherapy,

  • It should not be washed three days after hair transplantation.
  • The bandage should not be opened without professional support and the help of a physician.
  • It should be washed once a day after the first wash.
  • Hair dryer should be avoided.
  • Shampoo should not be preferred.
  • Lotion should not be applied after hair transplantation.


Features of Hair Mesotherapy Application

When hair mesotherapy is done, the most important detail is that it provides healthy, bushy hair with the benefit it gives. The treatment, which is considered by many, shows that it provides many properties. For this reason, the most important feature, according to the people who have the treatment, is that it thickens the hair. Thanks to this method, the hair follicles are fed, and the desired healthy hair grows. It both provides a faster effect for people who have difficulty in elongation and creates a rapid development process for treatment purposes.

What are the Advantages of Mesotherapy?

There are always advantages of treatments during application. In this way, it provides repair for hair loss experienced by people and ensures the best hair growth. In this way, you can have the desired healthy hair.
Hair mesotherapy, which is the treatment option that best meets the expectations, eliminates situations such as nerves and stress, thanks to the effect it creates during the application. Natural beauty also greatly affects positively. It provides fast growth, and healthy hair has a high resistance to shedding.

What are the Disadvantages of Mesoretapine?

It is also very important to benefit from its advantages while providing the application. For this reason, there are advantages as well as disadvantages. The disadvantages identified in this case are given below:

  • Pain is mild. Injecting the mixture made with the help of injection by creating a puncture in the skin creates a certain irritation method. For this reason, the holes made by the injection tip in the skin cause pain. Although it is not very severe pain, it causes irritation.
  • The price is higher than other treatments.
  • Edema on the skin can be seen after the procedure is completed.
  • There may be flaking of the skin.

Although the disadvantages are given above, it is necessary to consider the application. The negativities that can be experienced in the face of the stated situations are as given. For this reason, the details that those who want to have hair transplantation should pay attention to in this case should be known.

Is there any pain during the procedure?

Although there is pain during the treatment, it also causes pain as irritation due to the needle tips injected into the skin. For this reason, there is pain during and after the procedure. It is important that the bandages are not opened and removed with the help of a physician after three days.
Thus, the transition process of the irritated areas begins at the desired time. It is expected that there will be pain during and after the procedure. The symptoms should be known beforehand by talking to the doctor. At the same time, swimming pools, steam rooms, and saunas should not be entered for four days.

How many sessions does the treatment take?

Hair transplantation treatments are completed in different sessions in each method. For this reason, FUE, DHI, and mesotherapy cover different processes. Many people prefer treatment methods that always provide an effect of 4-6 sessions. For this reason, the duration of treatment may vary between 4 and 6 depending on the method applied. Each session should be 22 to 10 days. The reason is to prevent irritation and to regain skin elasticity by breathing the area that may be irritated.

Should I Decide on Mesotherapy?

First of all, the decision-making phase is very important for mesotherapy treatment. The person should consider the treatment process that will take place during this stage. For this reason, it is also important to have a treatment that will always be beneficial. The decision made for the application of known methods is the correct decision that the person has made for himself.
There are people who do not want to be treated for many reasons. The reason for this is that certain diseases carry a disability. Barrier diseases are fungal, psoriasis, and many other skin diseases. It is also not recommended for pregnant women. Because of this situation, it may be inconvenient for pregnant women. Mesotherapy treatment allows the person to get away from stress and nerves and also allows them to have thick hair.

What is the Effect of Hair Mesotherapy on Hair?

Hair mesotherapy, one of the hair transplantation methods, is one of the treatment methods many people prefer. The method used for people with large hair loss is a mixture of vitamin and mineral aqueous solutions during application. This mixture should be given to the hair follicles with the help of a fine-tipped needle.
Thus, when the procedure is finished, a break of 10 to 22 days is taken so as not to cause skin irritation. The effect on the hair is quite strong. It also provides care for the hair, always with the benefit it provides. The effect leaves on the hair, on the other hand, allows you to have bushy hair, even if it is painful.

Is Hair Mesotherapy a Painful Treatment?

Among the hair transplantation methods used, mesotherapy is an important treatment preferred by many people. It should always be known that it is a painful method as well as the ease of application. The change in appearance is very important as it is a method that makes a difference.
For this reason, mesotherapy can be injected into the hair with the application of a mesotherapy gun, if desired. While it is quite common to feel pain, it is also a situation in that many people can wait patiently to achieve the desired appearance. Although the irritation that develops is temporary, it also tends to improve with the opening of the bandages after three days.

What are Hair Mesotherapy Prices 2022?

Among the treatment methods, mesotherapy is quite suitable among other hair transplant treatment methods in 2022. Among the many treatment methods, the injector change in practice varies according to the content used and the application area. In practice, which is a different treatment option, factors such as alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided. In this way, it is applied as a treatment that develops in a shorter time.
The treatment option, which is always done in a short time, and mesotherapy, which is very easy to apply, manifest themselves after a certain period of time. It provides many benefits from bushy and healthy growing hair. Thus, it is an effective method for people experiencing hair loss. Prices for 2022 will vary compared to other years. Thus, hair mesotherapy is one of the most effective methods, even though there are price changes.


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