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Solution to Hair Loss with DHI Hair Transplantation

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Dhi hair transplantation is a problem that occurs for certain reasons and affects people’s social life. Extremely effective results are obtained in this treatment process, which is carried out to find a solution to the problem of baldness in people. Baldness and hair loss are problems caused by anemia and certain mineral and vitamin deficiencies. The social life of the person whose hair is shed and who is faced with baldness is adversely affected. Along with the hair of the person, his self-confidence goes away, and he collapses psychologically. However, the problem of baldness, which does not give an aesthetic appearance, ends with Dhi hair transplantation treatment.

How is Dhi Hair Transplant Performed?

With the Dhi hair transplant treatment applied to the people, the desired result is achieved with the end of the baldness in the person. People who are faced with the problem of baldness should first choose a good doctor. Afterward, the necessary tests and examinations are performed by this doctor, and then local anesthesia is applied to the person. After local anesthesia, the hair follicles of the person are carefully collected with a pen called Choi. With this pen, the hair follicles of the person are placed again. Since the pen is thin, it encloses the root of the sheet, and the process is applied when the apparatus behind it is pressed.

Who is Dhi Hair Transplant Applied to?

People who undergo DHI hair transplantation should not have any problems or discomfort preventing this treatment. However, hair transplantation treatment is not applied to the older and infant children group. However, in some cases, this procedure is rarely applied to children. DHI hair transplant prices are determined according to the applied person, the person’s hair condition, and the number of sessions.


People Who Have Dhi Hair Transplant

People who have Dhi hair transplant treatment are those who have problems with baldness. In treating DHI, hair transplantation is needed due to vitamin stress or other factors, people get the healthy hair they want and dream of.

Before Dhi Hair Transplant

People who will have DHI hair transplantation should stop smoking and alcohol use after they decide to have this treatment. The reason for this is that smoking slows the recovery rate as it reduces the amount of oxygen in the person. However, after people decide to have a hair transplant, they should avoid foods such as tea, and coffee, which contain caffeine. Afterward, you should go to the treatment with your hair washed and apply cosmetics such as hair sprays and jelly. While going to Dhi hair transplantation treatment, you should wear a wide collar and not have any problems. However, before you go, you should have an idea about dhi hair transplant prices.

After Dhi Hair Transplant

After having a Dhi hair transplant, people should not drive any vehicles. However, it is enough to take a bath every day to remove the crusting that occurs in people after the treatment, and this crusting will end after seven to ten days. Then people will have new and healthy hair.

Dhi Hair Transplant Reviews

People with Dhi hair transplantation are usually sent off from the clinics happily. In the treatment of dhi hair transplantation, which is made with very high quality and state-of-the-art technology, hair transplantation treatment is applied without harming people.

Dhi Hair Transplant Prices

Dhi hair transplant prices vary according to the doctor and clinic who will do the treatment. People should make detailed research before treatment and find a doctor who offers the most affordable price and quality service. Another factor affecting the price of Dhi hair transplant is the method of treatment to be applied to the person and the number of sessions.

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