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What Are the Details to Know About Whole Body MR?

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Whole-body MR, which has been used a lot in the field of medicine recently, is used to detect tumors that are likely to occur in the patient. Thanks to this imaging technique, if there is tumor formation in our patients, we diagnose early and direct them to my treatment process quickly. The tumor can occur in any part of the body. Since the whole-body MR system was developed and used in the medical field, it has been easily detected. Masses proliferate in any person’s body part or organ are called tumors.

This unlimited and uncontrolled increase in masses causes severe pain in the patient. However, the tumor may not always be malignant. It is possible to classify tumors in any body part as malignant or benign. While a benign tumor does not pose any risk to one’s health, a malignant tumor threatens one’s health. For this reason, providing necessary imaging and early diagnosis is very important. We care about the health of our patients and complete the MR scans of the whole body in the highest quality.

Whole-Body MR

Our medical imaging technique Mr shots where all body parts are displayed in detail. We use the whole body MR technique for our patients who are suspected of having a tumor. In this way, we detect tumors at an early stage and directly affect the person’s treatment process. This is a positive situation for one’s health. The reason for this is that the most important point in tumor treatment is early diagnosis. As with other types of MR, these MR shots, in which the whole body is imaged, take approximately 40 to 45 minutes.

Moreover, we do not use any radiation that will harm the health of our patients, in this process, where we take images from the whole body, the tumor in the body of the person or the traces of the tumor that has just begun to form appear clearly in the system. In general, the MR procedure is only applied to the areas where the tumor is suspected, but now it can be applied to the whole body, thanks to special software. We use whole-body MR imaging to observe the health status of our patients in more detail and to see clearly in which region the tumor occurs. In this way, the whole body of our patient is scanned.

Whole Body MR Features

Magnetic resonance imaging, which we abbreviated as MR, has been used in the medical field for many years. This method, which is used in the diagnosis of many diseases that occur in the person, gives accurate results with a high probability. In general, Mr shots, which are applied region by region, can now be applied to the whole body in recent times. Thanks to special software that has been newly developed in medicine, the whole body of the work are scanned at once with the Mr method. We especially prefer the whole-body MR method in patients with suspected tumors. This is both an easier procedure for the patient and the healthiest method for diagnosis.

Very strong magnetic fields and radiofrequency waves are used in the MR imaging technique. In this case, it becomes even easier to view tumors. Thanks to the recently developed MR devices, these images are obtained in a clearer and more understandable way. We use the latest technology MR devices for the health of our patients. In our patients, we can observe even the softest tissues except for bones and organs. Thanks to this imaging technique that covers the whole body, we provide an early diagnosis of the tumor. Early diagnosis is a detail that directly affects the health of our patients and is of great importance for the treatment process.

How to Perform a Whole Body MR?

We share detailed information about the procedure to be performed on our patient before the whole-body imaging, which we provide with the magnetic resonance imaging technique, about the duration of the procedure, and the people we perform this procedure with. Then, after dressing our patient in hospital clothes, we take him to the operation area. MR will be done for the whole body, but for some regions. Imaging is prioritized. For the whole body, imaging with MR starts from the brain first. The rib cages, including the neck and lungs, are then imaged. The next stages in whole-body imaging continue with liver, pancreas, kidney, adrenal gland, and intra-abdominal order. Finally, prostate and testis are scanned in men.

In women, the uterus and ovaries are scanned in detail. Moreover, in this imaging technique, the arms, muscles, and all bones are also included in the imaging. After this imaging, we detect tumors in lung, breast, or brain regions and provide the necessary applications. When the whole body is scanned, thanks to this MR, no matter which part of the body a tumor occurs, the eyes will not go away. For this reason, we perform MR scans for the whole body in all our patients who are suspected of having a tumor.

Which Organs Does Whole Body MR Scan?

MR scans, which are scanned by magnetic resonance for the entire body region, detect existing or newly formed tumors in many patient organs. In this way, tumor treatment will be started at an earlier time. While the suspected organs are examined one by one to diagnose a tumor, it is possible to view the whole body in a single session, thanks to the recently developed system. We image the brain and neck region in detail by applying the magnetic resonance imaging technique to the whole body.

If there is a possible brain tumor or if it has just started to form, we can easily observe it. Then we provide lung and rib cage imaging. If there is a possible lung tumor, we detect it thanks to this imaging. The next step is to image the pancreas and kidneys. It is also seen in the adrenal glands. We observe and provide the necessary procedures if there is tumor formation in the kidneys or these regions. While detecting prostate tumors in men, we observe by taking MR for the whole body. We detect tumors that occur in the uterus or ovaries in women using the whole-body imaging technique. We perform the whole-body imaging technique, which is very important in terms of early diagnosis, detail, and care.

What is a Whole Body MR Check-Up?

The imaging of the whole body without the use of any radiation is called a whole-body MR check-up. The aim here is to detect the tumor occurring in the person. At the same time, cancer diseases can be observed thanks to this imaging technique, no matter which part of the body they occur in. In this method, which provides great benefits in early diagnosis, imaging many organs of the whole body is performed in a single session. With this imaging technique, we can easily visualize the liver, lungs, neck, brain, abdominal organs, bladder, kidneys, muscles, and bones of our patients.

This imaging process, which is done in a certain order, takes approximately 40 minutes or 60 minutes. In this whole-body imaging technique, in which tumors are detected, tumors that have reached certain sizes are usually displayed. In this case, it becomes possible to follow the tumor status and size of the patients who are in the treatment process. We use the whole-body imaging technique in our patients with or suspected tumors and those with suspected herniashernias. We also diagnose spinal problems in whole-body imaging techniques and contribute to the initiation of early treatment for our patients.

Whole-body MRI Check-Up Price

We apply the best quality and appropriate MR imaging technique for our patients. In this way, we detect a patient’s tumor or joint muscle disorder. We provide the most suitable environment for our patients in terms of hygiene. We provide detailed information before and after the transaction. Patients who need an MRI for whole-body should get information about the procedure as well as the price. In this regard, we share the necessary information in detail with our patients.

We determine the price according to the patient’s discomfort in the whole-body MRI scans we apply for our patients. After this stage, whole-body imaging is provided, and the results are shared with people. The Mr check-up we apply for the whole body works by imaging the larger tumors that are more common in people. At the same time, the whole body imaging technique with Mr also affects the course of the treatment process depending on this imaging.

How Long Does a Whole Body MRI Take?

We image all body organs and bones with the magnetic resonance imaging technique. Thanks to the new software that has been found recently, it is now possible to view the whole body in a single session. We provide a quality service to our patients with the latest technology and the most up-to-date devices. Moreover, we do not give any radiation to our patients during MRI shots, and we healthily complete our shots.

With this imaging technique, which is far from ionizing radiation, which is harmful to health, we image all organs at the same time. It is also possible to visualize bones and muscles. The processing time of this technique, in which the whole body is imaged, varies according to the size of the scanned area. In other words, the procedure’s duration varies depending on our patient’s body structure. However, it takes a minimum of 40 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes. We achieve great success in diagnosing our patients, for whom we use the magnetic resonance imaging technique, a painless procedure. Scanning the entire person’s entire body at once benefits the patient’s health and comfort.

The fact that the duration is longer compared to other locally acquired magnetic resonance imaging techniques does not cause discomfort for the person. This is because we put our patient in a hospital gown before the procedure and give enough information. At the same time, we provide sufficient information to the person after the procedure. Magnetic resonance imaging techniques applied for certain areas one by one is more difficult for the person. However, thanks to this procedure, in which the entire body is displayed at once, people feel more comfortable.

Whole Body MRI Prices

Thanks to the software developed recently, it is possible to monitor the state of the whole body at once with the magnetic resonance technique. The best part of this imaging technique is that no harmful rays are used during the procedure. This technique, in which the whole body is imaged, is both harmless and provides accurate results with a high probability. In particular, it provides the best results in the detection of tumors that have just begun to form and helps to make an early diagnosis.

Another point to be noted here is that it does not contain harmful rays for our patients. Being pregnant or at risk of pregnancy does not prevent this process. Patients who use the magnetic resonance imaging technique for the whole body should first know about this subject. Then they need to learn about the price of whole-body MRI, that is, magnetic resonance imaging technique.



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