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What are the Solution Suggestions for Fatigue in the Afternoon?

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In their daily life, many people try to cope with the problem of fatigue that settles in the afternoon. While such situations are usually related to nutrition, they occur in individuals who do not pay enough attention to healthy nutrition and are faced with vitamin deficiency.

Most fatigue in the afternoon can also occur when the body systems are not working properly. At the same time, energy loss is experienced due to unbalanced nutrition. In addition, these symptoms will occur regardless of age and gender.

To combat the fatigue that settles in the afternoon, it is necessary to know the reasons first and then eat foods with high vitamin and nutritional values.

What Causes the Feeling of Fatigue in the Afternoon?

Overdoing sports and exercise:

In this regard, especially those who are new to sports should work at a slow pace. It is wrong to do sports once a week. The reason for this is that the body does not perform its functions. In addition, protein and vitamin supplements should be made to avoid feeling tired.

Neglecting breakfast:

To the consensus of experts, breakfast is considered very important between meals. Those who start the day by skipping the breakfast meal try to make up for this meal with food fudge. This creates a feeling of fatigue during the day.

“Protein-based foods such as eggs, milk, and cheese should be taken for breakfast.”


An average of 7-8 hours of sleep should be met during the day. The quality and time of sleep are as important as their importance. The brains of those who spend their daytime in bed continue to work during sleep. For this reason, you wake up tired from sleep, and fatigue occurs.

Less water consumption:

Consumption of at least 2-3 liters of water during the day benefits in every sense. In addition, water nourishes the body and is at the forefront of maintaining vitality. The need for water should not be met with acidic and sugary liquids.

Foods Good for Fatigue

The tiredness that settles in the afternoon can also be relieved with food. Factors in the content of foods are one of the natural methods in this regard.


The fatigue that settles in the afternoon can make people’s day difficult in the office, home, school, or work. While this type of fatigue and weakness usually disrupts work or classes, almost everyone complains about this situation. Hazelnut is a magnesium-containing food that is good against exhaustion. Therefore, a small amount of hazelnut added to a healthy nutrition program is good for fatigue and weakness in the afternoon.

Black Grape

Black grapes accelerate blood circulation and enable body functions to be performed better. Black grapes, which are rich in fruit sugars, are also considered a source of vitamin C, one of the vitamins that are good for fatigue and weakness.


Loss of water in the body can sometimes cause conditions such as fatigue and weakness. To prevent such situations, consuming at least 2.5 – 3 liters of water per day is recommended.

On the other hand, water, which is also very beneficial for health, can prevent many diseases and ensure the elimination of diseases in the body.


Watermelon, which contains a high amount of sugar, is a food that is very beneficial for health, as in wafers, chocolate, or similar foods consumed daily. Watermelon, which accelerates metabolism and gives energy to the body, has an important nutritional value in terms of vitamins A and C, as well as food fiber. For this reason, it is recommended that every person consume it frequently in case of fatigue and weakness.


One of the foods that are very beneficial for human health is dates. Date recommended to be consumed in daily life by many dietitians, is a food with a high glycemic index. It is quite good for the tiredness that settles in the afternoon. This food, which is also very rich in minerals, contains plenty of potassium. Therefore, it can provide various benefits in terms of health.

Black Coffee

Black coffee is recommended after breakfast for those who want to start the day energetically. However, additional sweeteners such as cream, milk, or sugar should not be used in the coffee to be consumed. With its high amount of caffeine, coffee plays a very important role in feeling the energy in the person.

Dark chocolate

Like dates, dark chocolate contains very little sugar and is therefore highly recommended from a mental point of view. This type of chocolate, which has a high cocoa content, is a natural pain reliever and gives energy to people.

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