What is almond eye aesthetics, which method is used, and who is it applied to?

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Almond eye is a method most preferred by women in recent years. It makes the eyes look slightly upward and more significant. The critical reason for almond eye surgery is that the slant is incomplete. People with enormous eye structures can have almond eye surgery. It is preferred more frequently, especially with low eye structure.

Almond eye aesthetics

Almond eye aesthetics is a surgery that has been most preferred in recent years and is mainly performed to lift the eyes slightly upwards and pull them to the sides. Especially in women, the eye structure is drooping, and the small ones are tired. It is done more often. Choosing a good doctor for whom you want to have almond eye aesthetics is necessary. Almond eye surgery removes people’s tired and sad eyes and gives them a more attractive and deep look.

What is almond eye aesthetics?

When you decide to have almond eye aesthetics, you should see doctors who serve well in this field. It would not be suitable for everyone to have almond eye surgery. If you are uncomfortable with your eyes, it would be better to have this surgery under the supervision of a doctor. Therefore, having almond eye aesthetics is beneficial for everyone.

Almond eye aesthetics price reviews

Both men and women prefer almond eye surgery. Almond eye is made for all age groups. However, prices vary. The doctor gives you a price according to your eye structure when you go. Usually, this price varies for everyone. For this reason, it is necessary to go to the doctor for the cost of the surgery and have the required analyzes done.

Is almond eye aesthetics permanent?

Almond eye surgery is performed by the doctor using the suspension method. It is made by considering the form and aging effects of the threads used by doctors, and almond eye aesthetics can maintain its permanence for an average of 3 to 6 years. After a particular time, the threads gradually loosen and melt, and the almond eye shape disappears. Those unsatisfied with the operation can get their old eye shape on the same day. At the same time, if it is desired to be repeated, there is no harm in performing almond eye aesthetics again.

Who Can Have Almond Eye Aesthetics?

Many people prefer almond-eye aesthetics. Eye aesthetics is a procedure frequently performed by those who are dissatisfied with their eye structure. Almond eye aesthetics with this body is also often preferred in our country.

Almond eye surgery before after

Almond eye surgery is usually not a very heavy operation. A suitable operation method is selected, so the patient does not experience too many problems. Various analyzes are performed before and after. Generally, all analyzes are completed within one day, and the patient is taken into surgery. People with almond eye surgery should take care of themselves only for the first eight days. Then the patient can return to his everyday life.

People who have almond eye aesthetics

Many people have almond eye surgery. With this surgery, many people have a more slanted and more prominent eye structure. It is simple to do as it does not have many side effects.

How is Almond Eye Surgery Performed?

During almond eye aesthetics, a thin incision is made around the eye, and the eye structure is lifted upwards with a thread. This process is done quite simply. The process is done in a very short time. Therefore, it does not affect the normal life of the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, it is among the questions asked how the treatment for almond eye surgery is done and how long the procedure takes. Complications before and after the procedure are significant for people who have had it done. That’s why it’s a good idea to research before getting started. Generally, it is necessary to be careful before and after the operation.

What is Almond Eye Surgery?

Almond eye surgery has become very popular, especially in recent years. People who want their eyes to appear larger prefer it. Since this aesthetic is often done, it is possible to encounter it in many people. For this reason, it is also possible to choose almond eye surgery for a more beautiful look.

How Many Hours Does Almond Eye Surgery Take?

Almond eye surgery usually takes 1 or 1.5 hours. The patient is given both general and local anesthesia. The procedure is simple, and the patient pays attention to his everyday life. For this reason, almond eye aesthetics is preferred quite often.

Which Anesthesia Is Almond Eye Surgery Performed?

While performing almond eye surgery, both local and general anesthesia are used. This depends on the preference of the doctor and patient. However, it will usually be better to use general anesthesia so that the patient does not feel anything.

When to Discharge After Almond Eye Surgery?

While making almond eyes, this does not negatively affect the social life of the patient. Since it is usually a short-term procedure, the patient is discharged on the same day or the next day.

Will I Feel Pain During Almond Eye Surgery?

During almond eye surgery, local and general anesthesia is applied to the patient. When general anesthesia is used, the patient does not feel any pain. However, following the doctor’s rules after the surgery is also beneficial.

What Should I Pay Attention to After Almond Eye Surgery?

In general, patients must be careful after each operation. In almond eye surgery, it will be better not to apply chemical treatment for a while after aesthetics. It is necessary to stay away from make-up materials for a time. It is also helpful to contact the doctor if there is a contrary situation.

Will I Have Stitches On My Eye After Almond Eye Surgery?

There is no suture during almond eye surgery. Since the doctor applied the stretching process with the thread, no stitches are left. Therefore, you can easily have almond eye surgery.

What is the Price of Almond Eye Surgery?

Almond eye surgery prices vary between the doctor and the hospital. Hospitals that perform this procedure and prices also vary. For this reason, it is necessary to determine the doctor and hospital to get a price. Then you will get the right price for almond eye aesthetics.

Will I Have Any Problems With My Vision After Almond Eye Surgery?

Such almond eye surgical procedures do not affect the patient’s everyday life much. Therefore, the patient does not encounter negative consequences such as vision. The doctor applies it directly to the outer part of the eye during the operation. For this reason, you will not encounter such problems in almond eye aesthetics.

When Will My Eye Heal After Almond Eye Surgery?

After the almond eye surgery, the eyes look more dense and thin. It is necessary to use serums and creams after almond eye surgery. However, it must be taken under the supervision of a doctor. One month after the end of the operation, healing occurs in and around the eyes. For this reason, almond eye aesthetics fully manifests itself after a certain period.

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