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What is FUE Hair Transplantation? FUE Hair Transplant Stages

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FUE hair transplantation is one of men’s most preferred hairs transplantation operations. One of the biggest problems experienced by men is the problem of hair loss. Hair loss and baldness are put to an end with hair transplantation procedures performed by aesthetic surgeons. Hair transplantation methods used in today’s technology are specially developed. Besides providing a natural appearance, it gives voluminous and bushy hair.
FUE hair transplantation method is the transfer of healthy hair follicles taken from the person’s body to open areas. During the application, the hair follicles taken from the nape area are transplanted to the targeted area in a short time without any damage. My hair follicles, called a graft, are placed in specially opened channels in a controlled manner. Placing the hair follicles at a right angle increases the success of the FUE hair transplant procedure.

How is FUE Hair Transplantation Performed?

Local anesthesia is applied to the patient during the hair transplant operation, which is a surgical procedure. After the hair transplantation procedure, which is applied to the scalp of the patient without any incision, there is no incision scar. The hair taken from the person’s donor area is collected one by one. In the hairless bath targeted in the FUE technique, channels suitable for the structure of the hair are opened.
The main success of the process is that the channels are opened at the correct angle and depth. The collected grafts are carefully and sensitively transferred into the channels. In order for the hair to take the desired shape, the hairline must be correctly determined. In line with the experience and experience of the doctor, the most accurate angle is determined between the forehead and the hair.

Who is FUE Hair Transplant Applied to?

FUE hair transplantation is applied to men and women with hair loss due to genetic factors or as a result of congenital regional hair loss. FUE hair transplantation is performed in order to close the opening in the head as a result of hair loss or thinning. In addition, before starting the operation, it is necessary to check whether people who come for hair transplantation pose a risk in terms of health. Apart from this, hair transplantation is performed on people who have hair follicles to be taken from the donor area.

Before FUE Hair Transplant

Before the hair transplantation, patients should receive full support from an experienced and expert surgeon. In line with the support received, the person to be transplanted is informed in detail about the procedures to be performed. Before the hair transplant operation, the patient should stay away from blood thinners and avoid harmful habits.

Things to Know After FUE Hair Transplant

After FUE hair transplantation, it is necessary to protect the newly transplanted hair against external factors. Shampoo and creams recommended by a specialist should be used. After FUE hair transplantation, all the transplanted hair, which is called shock casting, falls out, and new hair grows in its place. The healthy, bushy hair that grows back can be used naturally for many years without any problems. Therefore, individuals who have hair loss or baldness problems can achieve healthy hair by using the FUE hair transplant treatment method.

Comments of People Who Have Had FUE Hair Transplantation

With FUE hair transplantation, which is an innovative and natural application, the problem of hair loss is eliminated. Those who prefer this method allow people to have a more detailed idea thanks to their comments. When we look at the comments made, we see that people express their satisfaction with the FUE technique. Many men and women make comments to recommend the FUE hair transplant method.

FUE Hair Transplant Prices 2022

Prices in hair transplant operations may differ for some reasons. In particular, the method to be used, the number of sessions, the number of strikes, the person’s expectation, and the doctor’s experience determine the prices. For FUE hair transplantation, it is necessary to meet with the specialist physician one-on-one and get detailed information about the application.

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