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What Is The Order Of The Daily Facial Care Routine?

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The return to routine, your children’s extracurricular activities, or stress cannot be an argument to stop looking after you. Many of our patients contact us frequently to ask how to take care of their facial skin daily from home. And, as we know that you are also concerned about this issue, we wrote this post so that every time you go out, you show the whole world a perfectly nourished and luminous face.

So, add reading this article to your list of things to do these days so that you not only entertain yourself but also learn how to take care of your skin correctly from now on.

Essential tips for skin care

Before recommending a daily facial routine at home, let us remind you of the essential tips for skin care. We are sure that you associate these habits with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but you did not know that practicing them has multiple benefits for your skin.

Daily skin care begins by complying with that drinking two liters of water at least a day, which is equivalent to about eight glasses of approximately 240 ml. Some of these glasses can be for teas and infusions that have other properties for your body. With this simple action, you will also be opting for the care of the face and the rest of the skin on your body, even if it seems incredible to you.
Of course, another of the basic tips for skin care is maintaining a varied and balanced diet. The pieces of fruit and vegetables have countless vitamins, minerals, and other basic nutrients to keep a bright and smooth skin. Do not think that women’s facial care is only limited to applying some creams; your daily habits also count.
Also essential for daily skin care is the fact that you smoke. Tobacco ages the skin faster and turns it off. It is statistically proven that those who do not smoke have brighter and cleaner faces and whiter and more perfect smiles. So if you smoke, perhaps the time has come to consider quitting as one of the guidelines for facial care and the rest of your skin.
Finally, sleep the hours you need. Indeed you have verified that when you get little rest, you wake up with dark circles, bags under your eyes, and a dull look. To eliminate all these signs from your face, you tend to overuse makeup when the best thing for your health and for daily skin care is that you spend more hours resting. Establish a minimum of between 7 and 8 hours of sleep a day, and your whole body will thank you.

Tips for facial cleansing at home

It is good to do a deep facial cleaning every week, and perhaps now is a good time for you to learn step-by-step facial care. Surely you did not know that cleaning the skin, blackheads, etc., helps prevent premature skin aging. And in addition, when you remove these impurities and dead cells from your face, you cleanse the skin and restore its vitality. Don’t you think there are more than enough reasons to learn how to cleanse your facial skin at home?

Wash your face properly

Washing your face correctly is very important every day and, of course, before you start your homemade facial cleansing. Remember that every day you should wash your face at least twice, once when you wake up and once before going to sleep. If you have oily skin, you must use water and a drying soap so that pimples do not form. In the case of dry skin, the best option is to apply micellar water. With these elements, you will be able to remove that first layer of impurities and dirt from the skin, such as some traces of makeup, among others.

Open pores with steam

For cleaning pores at home, they must be open. The most effective home advice to open the pores of your face is to do it through steam. To do this, you must boil water in a saucepan and place your face on it for 10 minutes, with a towel or cloth covering your head. Thus, the steam will be concentrated between the container and the face, and the pores of your skin will open. Starting this trick before a facial cleansing at home is very useful since it predisposes the pores to be purified.

Make the best natural facial scrub

To make the best natural facial scrub, you can use the following ingredients you surely have on hand. Sugar is one of the most used substances to cleanse pimples on the face since its thickness is adequate to sanitize each pore in depth. Oatmeal, coffee, or salt are other natural facial scrubs most used on the face. These, mixed with milk, water, honey, and even olive oil, form perfect lotions for cleansing pores at home. Once you have made your natural facial scrub, you will only have to apply it to the face with circular movements. After several minutes, remove this substance from your face with plenty of warm water.

Make a homemade moisturizing face mask

One of the most important steps in cleansing your skin at home should be making a moisturizing homemade face mask. Once you’ve exfoliated your face, your pores are more receptive than ever to absorbing the nutrients a good face mask provides. In this article, you will find the recipes for 14 effective homemade face masks using ingredients you surely have in your home. Take advantage of the benefits that strawberries, almonds, lemon juice, or carrots bring to your skin and see the best homemade facial masks to do without leaving home.

Daily facial routine to take care of facial skin

Marking a daily routine to take care of facial skin is very important if you want to show off a smooth face and full of energy every day. We advise you to take advantage of these weeks to establish your routine of habits to take care of the skin of the face from now on. In this way, you will avoid taking care of your face only when it bothers you, you notice it dry, or you feel itchy because if you do it properly, you will not reach these extreme situations.

Before that, you should internalize our best tips for taking care of your skin every morning, and you will end up doing it in your day-to-day without taking more than 10 minutes. Rushing should never be an excuse to spend time on your facial beauty before starting the day. The daily facial routine that we propose in this article to take care of the skin of the face daily from home is the following:

Wash your face with plenty of cold water and normal soap as soon as you get up. This will clean the dirt generated in your pores during the night and never hurts to really wake you up.

Apply a serum, toner, or ampoule to help balance the pH level of the skin. These products are characterized by concentrating numerous antioxidant properties and vitamins that your face needs to stay alive and healthy.

Once the lotion is absorbed, use an eye contour that removes the signs of age and tiredness from your eyes. This way, you will be able to reduce wrinkles when you wake up, bags, and other signs that dull the brightness of your eyes.

Put on a fast-absorbing moisturizer so you can do your makeup right after. Please keep reading to find out how to choose your best face moisturizer since not all of them are recommended for your skin.
If you are going to get minimal sun, although you don’t necessarily plan to expose yourself to it for many hours, add 50+ sun protection. After allowing your face to absorb all these products for two minutes, start applying your makeup.
Many patients who come to our clinic looking for typical 40-year-old skincare tips and more tell us that they’ve always randomly selected their face creams. This is a clear danger for your face since you do not select the most suitable products based on your skin type and goals but rather choose the ones that most convince you of their price or promised action. That’s when this skin care can become counterproductive.

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